35 years ago I was in art school learning how to paint, weld, throw clay, felt and weave. I have always been fascinated with tactile arts – collecting things, touching and playing with objects. 

My first apartment was a tiny one room studio – no space to make big things.  After a trip to Michigan to visit a friend who beaded, I fell in love.  Beads were tactile, colorful, cheap and small! The practice of working with beads has turned out to be a deeply spiritual and relaxing experience, connecting me to cultures and traditions around the world, and ultimately to myself.


as I approached my 40th birthday, after losing my mother and my marriage, I realized that I had been named and defined by the men in my life. I changed my name as they came and went. So I decided to take on my own name...and Danger seemed to be a fitting moniker for an artist and single mother. Embrace danger or be engulfed by it.

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