My work

For more than 3 decades, I've been criss-crossing the United States selling my work. It's a gypsy life of shows and exhibitions. Making, tweaking and eking out a living.

My process

I call my work "mixed media beadwork" in that it has beadwork as a foundation, but expands upon that with found objects, paint and wax. I don't hold any medium as particularly holy and find that mixing them all up seems to equalize the playing field between expensive oil paints and humble recycled plastic. The joy is in the stories that the materials can tell, whether it's because of color, texture or inherent value.

My Story

I was born in a conservative little town in Germany. At the edge of town the gypsies would gather every year. I was intrigued with their nomadic nature and the fluidity of not only their hairstyles, but their dress and culture. It was so divergent from my pragmatic German upbringing that it intrigued and beguiled me as a young child. So, as an adult, I've been making quirky art and traveling from town to town to sell it. I've had piercings, tattoos, divorces and affairs. I've led an unconventional life, yet I still have deep roots in that idyllic German persona. It's a constant struggle between order (ordnung) and chaos. My work depicts that struggle in that I use castoff materials that are almost devoid of value to depict my heroic characters.